Digital Agency: Importance of Process and Regular Reviews

Sometimes, even simple articles and insights can offer value to businesses.


Recently, I read a piece by an author who talked at length about visiting a restaurant he loved and used to attend regularly. After a while, however, he noticed that the food began to come to the table cold, while other mistakes ultimately meant that he stopped going after a while.


When he reached out to manager to show him concern and meet him to discuss further, reasons for restaurants decline went far beyond individual errors. In fact, it was the result of an inadequate kitchen process that had failed to evolve in line with increased demand, along with poor quality food and stock ingredients.


Why Process and Regular Reviews Are Crucial to Your digital agency Success


These lesson here is clear, as the failure to review and constantly adapt processes where necessary sets individuals (and your business as a whole) up to fail. Not only this, but relevant and agile processes are also crucial to long-term business success, particularly as your company grows and benefits from increased demand.


This is something that we understand at SJ Innovation, where we constantly strive to review our processes so that they can successfully serve our clients. This has driven a sustained evolution in recent times, with systems such as client on-boarding having being introduced to enhance our value proposition in the eyes of clients.


The Challenge of Creating Processes That Complement Each Other


If the importance of developing and refining operational processes is clear, however, some of the challenges associated with this are a little more convoluted. After all, businesses and its various performances are driven by numerous processes, each of which work seamlessly together to create an efficient and cost-effective venture.


The integration of on-boarding offers a relevant case in point, as this impacted directly on tech leads and project managers and the way in which they completed daily tasks. The key was therefore to understand these challenges before the new system and process was initiated, as tech leads, managers and users collaborated to refine the business model successfully.


This requires open communication and an clear understanding of how individual systems can work with one another, particularly as demand increases and propositions evolve.


In Summary: Remember the Importance of Frequency and the Purpose of Having Processes


From our own experience, we recommend that individual departments (and strategic management teams) host regular process reviews every six months. Ad-hoc reviews should also take place whenever new systems of project management tools are introduced, as this creates a proactive way of working that helps your business to evolve and respond directly to new challenges as they present themselves.


The key here is to identify problems and seek out actionable solutions, which can improve your processes in line with a clear objective.


On a final note, you should always ask yourself one clear question when developing and refining processes. More specifically, you should consider whether or not an existing process actively adds value to your clients, as its purpose must always be to serve customers and improve their unique experience.

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