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SJ Innovation is a 13 years experienced I.T. Services company with 500+ Clients worldwide. We are US based company, we own 3 Development Centers located in India, Ukraine and Bangladesh. where highly skilled, English speaking Developers are recruited. These developers are experienced in developing projects from scratch and debugging existing ones.


Below is our Working Model with Economical prices,
designed to meet your requirements.

Choose Your Developer

Choose Your Developer Monthly/HourlyInterview and hire developer to work directly with you
full time Weekly/Monthly or Hourly basis.

You Save up to 60%
Over Onsite development cost

You Save upto 60% Over Onsite development costWe have High defination systems and licence software
in place to keep your development risk free.

100% Secure / White Label

100% Secure / White Label ServiceWe sign NDA before even looking at your project requirements. Your client will never know SJ Innovation as agency, they are your developer.

You Get Complete Software Development life cycle

You Get Complete Software Development life cycleWe follow Agile methodology, with efficient programming. From source code management, code review, staging server and project management system.

Experienced Project Managers

You Get Complete Software Development life cycleProject Manager is assigned to manage the work and resources on your behalf, and represents your interests in the project. Will provide you with task updates. Pick phone and call our US number to talk to a Project manager.

Dedicated QA

Dedicated QAYou don’t have to worry about testing, our experience manual/automation QA members will provide with complete bug report.


You get a Self-Managed Team for half the price of a onsite team,
same level of efficiency and better process implemented.

Sample Pricing

Dedicated Developer (US based Coordinator)


Development Manager (Exp: 8+ yrs) : FREE
US Based Coordinator (Exp: 3+ yrs): FREE
PHP Developer (Exp: 3+ yrs): $2,000
Software Quality Analyst: FREE (10 hrs / month)



Development Manager (Exp: 8+ yrs) : FREE
US Based Project Manager: FREE
PHP Developer (Exp: 3+ yrs): $2,600
Software Quality Analyst: FREE (20 hrs / month)
* Above Prices are estimates only. Exact price depends upon your project



Shahed Islam

Shahed Islam


Shahed is a technology visionary who brings with him 20+ years of experience building highly motivated teams that lead companies to success.

Volodymyr Ishchak

Volodymyr Ishchak

Sr. Developer

Volodymyr strives for quality and consistency in his work. He looks forward to develop new solutions for clients and help them achieve maximum success. His skills on software development(PHP, Node) is superior.

Pritesh Parsekar

Pritesh Parsekar


Pritesh is one of the few people who show so much interest and excitement about the work. He is always aware about latest techniques, take up the challenge and willing to implement them.


  • Teachers pay Teachers
  • Frasada
  • Ny Bulbs
  • Prothom Ventures
  • Sure Shot Books
  • Optmist
  • America 24


  • Shahed helped me bring my concept of Boathouse Finder (www.bhfinder.com) to reality and I continue to use his services to host, maintain and enhance the website.

    Karen Derringer MBA PMP

  • I have worked with Shahed on over 10 clients as our lead programmer and he has been great to work with. He has high integrity and is willing to answer any question you might have. He consistently produces results and will continue to use him again in the future.

    Alicia Schwartz

  • Shahed is fantastically knowledgeable in the digital realm–highly motivated and skilled. He can bounce around effortlessly between projects–covering everything from programming to marketing strategies. I would most certainly recommend him.

    Jared Seeger

  • Shahed and SJ Innovation helped me build my website – www.urbanboozer.com – from scratch. The site looks great and has great functionality. When there are minor issues, the SJ innovation team addresses them quickly and effectively. I would highly recommend SJ Innovation.

    Ari Pelcovitz

  • Shahed and his team have been working with us from everything including a maintenance role to a new development role for over a year now. I have to say I am still impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. He jumped on board and went right to work with getting up to speed and improving our internal web based operations. He has not only helped maintain legacy software, he has also built from the ground up numerous web based tools to help us streamline operations. We look forward to having Steve as part of our team for the long term.

    Cezary Cwintal


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